• JC Comics: Volume 1 - Rooster & Slick Get Schooled!
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Johnny Cool Gets a Second Chance is a character, values-based curricula created to supplement existing common core curriculums. The audience is pre-teens and teenager’s grades 3-8. The subject matter is delivered using traditional illustrated and printed comic books combined with multimedia content including original music, sound effects, and video. Future versions of the digital online counterparts will add the additional benefit of a self-paced personalized environment where interactions with the materials can be tracked and student progress monitored and measured. The immediate feedback that the viewer will receive as they progress through the subject matter will make it more fun and, studies have shown that a multi sensorial approach promotes better retention and learning outcomes for all levels of students.   For additional information or to find out how you can integrate this unique character, values based curricula into your grade specific curriculum,  CLICK HERE.
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